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Welcome to Cover 3 Sports

  • We are a trio of lifelong friends who love to discuss and debate sports. We focus mainly on podcasts, but as we continue to grow we will explore new and exciting mediums for you to enjoy our material. We want to provide you with passionate and knowledgeable discussions on several various topics. We may not know it all, but damn it, we are going to fake it until we make it. We enjoy incorporating humor into areas that do not necessarily need it. None of us are “yes” men and rarely see eye-to-eye on every topic. It shows in some of the more heated debates we get into on certain topics. None of us are former professionals or coaches. Nor are any of us broadcasting giants in our industry. We hope to grow with you guys and turn this adventure into something special along the way. We appreciate all of you that have been with us from the start and the support you have shown us along the way. We love you guys.